Objective: The main purpose of the this scheme is to finance the modern household goods like T.v Refrigerator. Video, Washing Machine, scooter, car, A.C or any kind of Furniture.

Eligibility: This loan is for Govt/Non-Govt./Public/Private sector undertaking/corporation employees who is a confirm employee from min of last 5 yrs.

Loan Limit:

75% of value of the goods

Min loan amount: 10,000 /-

Max. Loan amount: 3.0 Lac’s

Interest: 16.40% per annum.

Margin: 25%


1.Cheque of Facility from Employer

2.Third Party Guarantee which is acceptable to Bank

3.Charge on all the items purchase by Loan amount.

4.For loans above 25,000/- eq.mortagaged property will also be obtained.

Repayment: 30-60 equated monthly installments, extendable up to 84 months in deserving cases.

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